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    Annual Meeting Program, Membership and Governing Board Matters

    Presentation, poster, and symposium submissions for the annual meeting; nomination and membership applications; other Governing Board matters.

    E-mail Ruth Maki
    Telephone +1 520-232-3117
    Fax +1 520-232-3117 (Mark cover page: "Attn: Ruth Maki")
    US Mail Dr. Ruth Maki
    Psychonomic Society
    2785 E. Posse Court
    Green Valley, AZ 85614 USA


    Annual Meeting Site Matters

    Matters related to the site of current and future annual meetings, such as meeting room facilities, audiovisual, exhibit tables, etc.

    E-mail Andrew Conway
    Telephone +1 609-258-1243
    US Mail Psychonomic Society Annual Meeting
    c/o Dr. Andrew Conway, Convention Manager
    Department of Psychology
    Green Hall
    Princeton, NJ 08540 USA


    Questions about submissions, subscriptions, permissions/rights, back issues, missing issues, convention programs, editorial, graphics, and supplemental materials.

    US Mail Springer
    233 Spring Street
    New York, NY 10013-1578 USA
    Journal access societies-online@springer.com
    Journal subscriptions orders-ny@springer.com
    Permissions/rights http://www.springer.com/rights?SGWID=1-122-0-0-0
    General queries Welmoed Spahr

    Government Relations

    Questions about advocating for the scientific and educational goals of the Psychonomic Society, outreach to leadership and development of initiatives to support high-quality basic science.

    E-mail Valerie Reyna
    Telephone +1 607-255-6778
    Fax +1 607-255-9856
    US Mail Psychonomic Society
    c/o Dr. Valerie Reyna, Chief Scientific Liaison
    Cornell University
    M Van Rensselaer Hall, Room B44
    Ithaca, New York 14853


    Membership status and dues

    E-mail Dennis Choi
    Telephone +1 608-441-1070 Ext. 163
    Fax +1 608-443-2474
    US Mail Psychonomic Society
    c/o Dennis Choi, Membership Coordinator
    2424 American Lane
    Madison, WI 53704-3102 USA

    Other Questions

    E-mail Louis Shomette   
    Telephone +1 443-367-9750
    Fax +1 608-443-2474
    US Mail Psychonomic Society
    c/o Louis Shomette, Executive Director
    2424 American Lane
    Madison, WI 53704-3102 USA