• PS Governing Board Election 2014

    Nominations of members to serve on the Governing Board of the Psychonomic Society are now open.  The term would run 2015-2020.  Nominees must be Members of the Society and cannot include any of the current members of the Governing Board.

    The Governing Board works throughout the year.  The duties of the Governing Board include chairing and serving on committees, attending meetings, and participating in email discussion and votes.  There are two in-person meetings during the year, one in the summer (usually in July) and one that is held the day before the Annual Meeting in November. There is one annual teleconference meeting in the spring (usually in April).  Email discussions and votes occur frequently through the year, between meetings.

    You may nominate up to four members for the Governing Board.  The three nominees receiving the greatest number of nominations are automatically placed on the ballot.  An additional three are selected by the Nominating Committee. Thus, the final ballot to be submitted for vote by the membership will include six nominees for two Governing Board Positions.

    In making your nominations, you are especially encouraged to consider individuals from underrepresented groups.  You may nominate yourself and you are free to encourage colleagues to nominate anyone that you consider particularly well-suited to play a leadership role in governing the Psychonomic Society.  We encourage you to participate in the nominating process as the Society is in an exciting period of change with development of new initiatives under way.

    The nominating period closes July 23, 2014, but we encourage you to submit your nominations now while you are thinking about it.  If you wish to encourage others to nominate your or another person, in your email - please remind them to use their own ballot to make their nominations. 

    To submit nominations, simply complete the Nomination Form which was sent to you via email on June 23, 2014. For questions, please email info@psychonomic.org.

    The Election will open in late August via email and the deadline to vote will be September 5, 2014.  You will receive your ballot via email (the one you use for your membership.)  Your ballot can be used only once and should only be used by you.  Do not forward your ballot. Check back for additional information.