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2018 Leading Edge Workshop
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Time for Action: Reaching for a Better Understanding of the Dynamics of Cognition

May 7 - 9, 2018   |   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Joo-Hyun Song
Timothy Welsh

Joo-Hyun Song
Brown University, USA
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Timothy Welsh
University of Toronto, Canada
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The overarching goal of this workshop is to advance the understanding of how cognition and action systems are integrated and operate synergistically. This knowledge of how humans efficiently interact and navigate in complex environments is vital for generating a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and will help shape the design of everyday objects and training and working environments. One poignant example is computer technology. Human-computer interfaces equipped with gestural and tangible technologies are becoming increasingly accessible and ubiquitous in educational, leisure, and work settings. A thorough understanding of the interactions between cognition and action is needed help designers engineer devices and environments that maximize the functionality and usability. Thus, the workshop will bring together a diverse group of scholars in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, kinesiology, and human-computer interactions to share and critically evaluate their cutting-edge theoretical, empirical, and translational developments. We have also invited research scientists from industry and a program director from science funding agency as observers and discussants to enhance broad impacts of the scientific progress. Bringing this diverse group of participants together will: 1) enable the dissemination of past and current research; 2) provide a framework and chart a course for future fundamental research and knowledge translation; and, perhaps most critically, 3) generate a set of methodological standards to facilitate consistency in future research. 

Invited Speakers:

Omar Ahmad Laurel Buxbaum Craig Chapman Paul Cisek Susan Goldin-Meadow

Omar Ahmad
Johns Hopkins University, USA

Laurel Buxbaum
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, USA

Craig Chapman
University of Alberta, Canada
Paul Cisek
University of Montréal, Canada
Susan Goldin-Meadow
University of Chicago, USA
Melvyn Goodale Antonia Hamilton Dietmar Heinke Bernhard Hommel Beata Jarosiewicz

Melvyn Goodale
University of Western Ontario, Canada

Antonia Hamilton
University College London, United Kingdom
Dietmar Heinke
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Bernhard Hommel
University of Leiden, The Netherlands
Beata Jarosiewicz
Stanford University, USA
Kevin McKenzie Jeff Moher Heather Neyedli Jay Pratt  
Kevin McKenzie
Oculus VR, USA
Jeff Moher
Williams College, USA
Heather Neyedli
Dalhousie University, Canada

Jay Pratt
University of Toronto, Canada

Robert Rauschenberger David Rosenbaum Joo-Hyun Song Laura Thomas  
Robert Rauschenberger
Exponent, USA

David Rosenbaum
University of California,
Riverside, USA

Joo-Hyun Song
Brown University, USA
Laura Thomas
North Dakota State University, USA
Steve Tipper Betty Tuller Timothy Welsh
Steve Tipper
University of York
Betty Tuller
National Science Foundation, USA
Timothy Welsh
University of Toronto, Canada

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