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Cognitive Research: Principles & Implications
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ISSN: 2365-7464
(electronic version)

Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications (CR:PI)


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Embodied cognition
and STEM learning

Nora Newcombe
Temple University, USA
Steven Weisberg
University of Pennsylvania, USA






Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications (CR:PI) is an Open Access journal that publishes new empirical and theoretical work covering all areas of Cognition, with a special emphasis on use-inspired basic research: fundamental and theoretically relevant research that grows from hypotheses about real-world problems. For any submission, we expect that authors will be able to explain in a Significance section how their basic research serves to advance our understanding of the cognitive aspects of a problem with real-world applications.

There are five types of submissions:

  • Research Articles
  • Brief Reports
  • Registered Reports or Replications (RRR)
  • Tutorial Reviews
  • Research Highlights

Submissions to CR:PI are subject to rigorous peer review, in keeping with the standards of the Psychonomic Society.

Editor in Chief Jeremy Wolfe on the launching of CR:PI:
Join us in Pasteur’s Quadrant as Psychonomics launches a new journal


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In this issue

Original article

Age-related differences in the legibility of degraded text

Benjamin Wolfe, Jonathan Dobres, Anna Kosovicheva, Ruth Rosenholtz,
& Bryan Reimer

Original article

On the learning benefits of confidence-weighted testing

ErinM.Sparck, Elizabeth Ligon Bjork, & Robert A. Bjork

Original article

Men’s perceptions of women’s sexual interest: Effects of environmental context, sexual attitudes, and women’s characteristics

Teresa A.Treat, Hannah Hinkel, Jodi R.Smith, & Richard J. Viken

Original article

Leveling the playing field: Grounding learning with embedded simulations in geoscience

Allison J.Jaeger, Jennifer Wiley, & Thomas Moher

Original article

“Special needs” is an ineffective euphemism

Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Adam R. Raimond, M.Theresa Balinghasay,
& Jilana S.Boston

Original article

Learning to interpret topographic maps: Understanding layered spatial information

Kinnari Atit, Steven M.Weisberg, Nora S.Newcombe, & Thomas F. Shipley

Original article

Visual search behaviors of association football referees during assessment of foul play situations

Jochim Spitz, Koen Put, Johan Wagemans, A. Mark Williams, & Werner F. Helsen

Original article

How to optimize switch virtual keyboards to trade off speed and accuracy

Xiao Zhang, Kan Fang, & Gregory Francis

Brief report

Interactivity mitigates the impact of working memory depletion on mental arithmetic performance

Frédéric Vallée-Tourangeau, Miroslav Sirota, & Gaëlle Vallée-Tourangeau

Original article

Relative judgment theory and the mediation of facial recognition: Implications for theories of eyewitness identification

Ryan M. McAdoo & Scott D. Gronlund

Original article

Multiple event monitoring

Chia-Chien Wu & Jeremy M. Wolfe

Original article

Design of embodied interfaces for engaging spatial cognition

Paul G.Clifton, Jack Shen-Kuen Chang, Georgina Yeboah, Alison Doucette, Sanjay Chandrasekharan, Michael Nitsche, Timothy Welsh, & Ali Mazalek

Original article

Mastering algebra retrains the visual system to perceive hierarchical structure in equations

Tyler Marghetis, David Landy, & Robert L. Goldstone

Original article

Through the Google Glass: The impact of heads-up displays on visual attention

Joanna E. Lewis & Mark B. Neider

Review article

Use-inspired basic research in medical image perception

Jeremy M.Wolfe

Original article

The evolution of pace in popular movies

James E. Cutting

Original article

Making sense of movement in embodied design for mathematics learning

Dor Abrahamson & Arthur Bakker

Brief report

Bayesian reasoning in residents’ preliminary diagnoses

Benjamin Margolin Rottman, Micah T. Prochaska, & Roderick Corro Deaño

Original article

Creating visual explanations improves learning

Eliza Bobek & Barbara Tversky

Original article

From hands to minds: Gestures promote understanding

Seokmin Kang & Barbara Tversky

Original article

Iconic faces are not real faces: enhanced emotion detection and altered neural processing as faces become more iconic

L. N. Kendall, Quentin Raffaelli, Alan Kingstone, & Rebecca M. Todd

Original article

Looming sounds are perceived as faster than receding sounds

John G. Neuhoff

Original article

Spatial analogies pervade complex relational reasoning: Evidence from spontaneous gestures

Kensy Cooperrider, Dedre Gentner, & Susan Goldin-Meadow

Original article

Talking to your car can drive you to distraction

David L. Strayer, Joel M. Cooper, Jonna Turrill, James R.Coleman,
& Rachel J. Hopman

Original article

The perceptual processing of fused multi-spectral imagery

Elizabeth L. Fox & Joseph W. Houpt


Seeing the unseen? Illusory causal filling in FIFA referees, players, and novices

Alisa Brockhoff, Markus Huff, Annika Maurer, & Frank Papenmeier

Original article

That’s not what you said the first time: A theoretical account of the relationship between consistency and accuracy of recall

Sarah E. Stanley & Aaron S. Benjamin


Rethinking the basic-applied dichotomy

Jeremy M. Wolfe

Original article

Visual completion from 2D cross-sections: Implications for visual theory and STEM education and practice

Kristin Michod Gagnier & Thomas F. Shipley

Original article

Understanding visual attention in childhood: Insights from a new visual foraging task

Inga María Ólafsdóttir, Tómas Kristjánsson, Steinunn Gestsdóttir,
Ómar I. Jóhannesson, & Árni Kristjánsson

Brief report

ROC curve analyses of eyewitness identification decisions: An analysis of the recent debate

Caren M. Rotello & Tina Chen

Original article

Supporting dynamic change detection: using the right tool for the task

Benoît R. Vallières, Helen M. Hodgetts, François Vachon, & Sébastien Tremblay

Original article

Comparison versus reminding

Jonathan G. Tullis & Robert L. Goldstone

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Temple University, USA

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University of California, San Diego, USA

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