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Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Award
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Deadline: May 15, 2017

The Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Awards are designed to showcase exceptional research by 10 Members. Each award winner will be given the unique opportunity to present his or her research in a spoken session during the conference and will be provided travel funds. Only Members of the Psychonomic Society are eligible for these awards. Fellows, Emeritus Members, and Student Members are not eligible. Previous winners of the Member Select-Speaker Award are also not eligible.

The Program Committee is responsible for the extremely difficult task of selecting the top 10 abstracts submitted for a Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Award. The main criteria for selection are overall quality of research, theoretical impact, and methodological rigor. Previous award winners more than satisfied these criteria and collectively represent an exciting and diverse range of research topics, including attention, memory, learning, judgment and decision making, and language processing.

The Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Awards are now an annual award program. All Members are encouraged to apply for the award next year.

The purpose of the Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Awards is to highlight exceptional research by Members at the Annual Meeting. Recipients will present their work as a talk rather than a poster and receive $1,500 to cover travel expenses. All Members of the Psychonomic Society who have paid their 2017 dues are eligible for a Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Award.

To apply for a Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Award, Members may submit an abstract using the regular online submission program. However, to be eligible for an Award, abstracts must be submitted by May 15, 2017 (the deadline for regular submissions is June 1, 2017). All Members whose dues are paid by 12 midnight EDT on May 12th are eligible to apply for the Member Select-Speaker Award. Also, applicants must check a box on the Presentation Page of the submission program to indicate interest in applying for a Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Award. Finally, applicants are required to submit a brief summary of their research, emphasizing exceptional aspects of the work. In the tradition of the Society, both methodological rigor and theoretical impact will garner recognition. Applicants are asked to prepare a PDF, consisting of a research summary (1,000 word maximum), followed by a page with one figure or table, and a page for references.

Award selections will be made by the Program Committee. Award recipients will be informed in July. The $1,500 stipend will be awarded after the spoken paper has been presented at the Annual Meeting.

Specific Details
The PDF should include the Member’s name, a title of the presentation, and a word count for the summary (not counting the title, author, or reference list). The font size should be no smaller than 11. The PDF should be named using the author’s name in the following format: Smith_Samuel_E.

If the abstract is selected for the Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Award, the paper will be assigned to a spoken session. The authors and the 150-word abstract that are submitted in the online submission system will be used in the program. Include all information that is asked for in the online submission system even if you are applying for a Member Select-Speaker Award.

Abstracts that are not selected for Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Awards will be treated in the usual way, using the priorities for presentation. Members’ abstracts are assigned after all Fellow members who wish spoken papers have been placed on the program, so abstracts not selected for a Psychonomic Society Select-Speaker Award probably will be assigned as posters. However, Members should indicate their preferences (poster or spoken paper) by checking the appropriate box in the online submission program.

For questions concerning the Psychonomic Society Member Select-Speaker Awards, please contact the contact the Secretary, Reed Hunt at














Psychonomic Society Member Speaker-Select Award

2015 Recipients
2014 Recipients
2013 Recipients

Gregory Cox
Syracuse University

Parallel facilitatory retrieval of item and associative information from event memory

Nicholas Gaspelin
University of California, Davis
Converging Evidence for Suppression of Attentional Capture by Salient-but-Irrelevant Stimuli

Marieke van Heugten
University at Buffalo, SUNY
The flexibility of syntactic processing across development

Janina Hoffmann
University of Konstanz, Germany
Testing Learning Mechanisms of Rule-based Judgment

Oliver Kliegl
Regensburg University, Germany
Testing Can Insulate Items Against Intralist Interference: Evidence From Output Interference and Retrieval-Induced Forgetting

Matthew Lowder
University of California, Davis
Anticipating Speech Errors During Online Sentence Processing

Bridget  McConnell 
James Cook University Singapore
Retrieval-Induced Forgetting of Spatial Information for Items with Equal Strengths

Laura Morett
University of Pittsburgh
Beat gesture alters how pitch accenting affects discourse memory: Evidence for top-down use of talker expectations

Jan Rummel
Heidelberg University, Germany
Towards a Better Understanding of Controlled Prospective-Memory Processing: Shared Processing, Increased On-Task Focus, or Both?            




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