• Psychonomic Society Leading Edge Workshops


    Proposals will be invited for leading edge workshops to be sponsored by the Psychonomic Society (PS) in 2016. Financial support of up to $50,000 US will be available. The initial deadline will be May 31, 2015 for a workshop to be held in 2016.

    The deadline for outline proposals (max 500 words) will be May 31, 2015. Selected applicants will then be invited to submit full proposals on or before September 8, 2015. A final funding decision will be made by the Governing Board during their meeting at Chicago, Illinois, USA, on November 18, 2015.

    It is anticipated that one workshop will be funded in this first year of the scheme, with the workshop scheduled to take place in 2016.

    The general strategic goals for this new initiative are to:
    1. Advance scientific knowledge and understanding of major, broad and contemporary topics within the remit of the Psychonomic Society and its journals
    2. Bring special symposia to PS members at a meeting of the Society and generate special sections/issues of PS journals based on the outcome of each workshop
    3. Facilitate involvement of early career researchers in PS activities
    4. Facilitate greater involvement in PS activities of PS members who are based outside of North America
    5. Facilitate interaction between PS members and scientists with cognate interests who are not members of the Society
    6. Facilitate scientific advancement of topics that might be of interest to policy makers and the general public as well as to PS scientists

    The first two strategic goals above are essential for all workshops. Proposals need not fulfill all of the remaining goals, but a major criterion for evaluation will be the extent to which a proposal addresses the goals that it selects for inclusion.

    Preliminary proposals
    Prospective applicants for workshop funding are required to submit a one-page (max 500 words) outline proposal by May 31, 2015, indicating the proposed rationale and topic, along with a suggested list of participants and possible PS target journal. Applicants need not have contacted any participants at this stage, and should not contact any journal editors. The workshops committee will provide feedback on each outline before June 30, 2015 indicating whether or not each applicant is being invited to submit a full proposal. Note that an invitation to submit a full proposal offers no guarantee of funding.

    Workshop topics, length, format, timing and venue
    Workshop topics are unrestricted within the range appropriate for Psychonomic Society meetings or journals, but topics should be broad and cross-cutting, not focused on a narrow set of phenomena or a single methodology. Topics that are the subject of major theoretical debate are encouraged, particularly if the debate is also of interest (or potential interest) to policy makers and the general public as well as to members of The Psychonomic Society.

    A workshop should normally involve between 10 and 20 funded participants, and optionally a small number of unfunded observers. It would run over a minimum of two full days to allow for a substantial amount of informal scholarly discussion and networking. The workshop program should ensure active participation in detailed discussion, so should not comprise primarily a series of talks with minimal time for questions, nor be completely unstructured. Otherwise, the format and program for the workshop is unconstrained.

    Workshops could be stand-alone or timed to take place immediately before or immediately after a major relevant conference if there is an advantage for the content, participation or impact of a workshop. Such conferences can be, but need not be, meetings of The Psychonomic Society. However, the workshop should be clearly described and advertised as a Psychonomic Society event.

    The chosen venue can be anywhere in the world and the workshop can take place at any time of the year that is appropriate and convenient for the workshop organizer, that would be attractive to funded participants, and that allows costs to be within the overall budget limit. However the choice of venue should not incur excessive costs that would compromise the scientific quality of the workshop, or its impact. The number and range of the most appropriate funded participants should be given priority.

    Eligible applicants, participants, and observers
    The main applicant must be a Member, Fellow or Emeritus member of the Psychonomic Society, but cannot be a member of the PS Workshops Committee, of the PS Governing Board, or the editor-in-chief of a PS journal. Associate editors of PS journals are eligible to be main applicants, but they should also be members of the Psychonomic Society.

    The applicant should be one of the funded participants. It is expected that the majority of funded workshop participants will be members of the Psychonomic Society (any category of membership), and will include (both male and female) individuals at different career stages. Inclusion of participants who hold contrasting theoretical views is strongly encouraged. Some non members also may be funded participants, and these may be individuals who work on research topics that are outside the typical remit of the Psychonomic Society, although inclusion of such individuals is not a requirement for funding. However, academic participants who are non-members should have a track record of scholarly publications that is commensurate with the requirements for membership of the Society. It is acceptable to include in the total of funded participants a small number of individuals who are not academic researchers (e.g. a policy maker, and/or professional practitioner) if their participation would enhance the quality and impact of the workshop. Members of the Governing Board and editors of PS journals may be funded participants, but would then be recused from the workshop selection process. Members of the Workshops Committee are not eligible to be funded participants. The members of PS committees are listed at http://www.psychonomic.org/governance.

    There may be (but need not be) additional observers at the workshop, whose travel, accommodation and meal costs are not covered by PS funding under this scheme. Individual potential observers do not need to be identified in a workshop proposal. However, the maximum number of such observers should be specified in the proposal and the total should not exceed the number of funded participants so as not to compromise the nature or content of the workshop. The observers need not be members of the Psychonomic Society, and may include graduate students.

    Budget limit and allowable costs
    The maximum amount available for any one workshop is 50,000 US dollars. Applicants may supplement the funds from other sources providing that the conditions of such additional funding do not conflict with, or compromise, the Psychonomic Society goals for this initiative. The workshop must be described as a Psychonomic Society Workshop with any other funder listed as a co-sponsor.

    Allowable costs for funded participants are economy class travel, ground transportation, hotel accommodation, and meals (to include modest amounts of alcohol). 

    Allowable other costs for all participants and observers are tea/coffee/soft drinks and a welcome reception (to include snacks and modest amounts of alcohol), rental of meeting rooms, assistance before and during the workshop from graduate students/postdocs, program printing, a modest level of secretarial assistance, and other minor costs such as name badges and conference packs. It is expected that costs will be limited to what is strictly necessary for a professional level scientific meeting that facilitates in-depth discussion.

    Fees for professional event organizers are not allowable, except for services that are necessarily included within the venue rental costs.

    Fees and honoraria for participants are not allowable costs.

    Observers, whose travel and accommodation costs will not be covered by the PS workshops scheme, would be expected to make a contribution to catering costs, but not to costs of venue rental, of the welcome reception, or of other costs associated with the workshop.

    Evaluation of Proposals
    Outline proposals received by May 31, 2015 will be reviewed by the PS Workshops Committee. Feedback will be given to each applicant on or before June 30, 2015. Only applicants whose outline application leads to an invitation to submit a full application should do so. Full applications received by August 31, 2015 will be reviewed by the PS Workshops Committee. The Committee will make a recommendation for funding to the PS Governing Board for consideration during its meeting on November 18, 2015. Applicants will be informed of the final decision as soon as possible after that Governing Board meeting.

    Logistics, administrative, and organizational support
    The PS Executive Director and the Rees Group can provide support in the organization of the workshop such as contract negotiation with the chosen venue and arranging venue/room bookings and payment of venue costs including room rental, accommodation for funded participants, and catering costs, and can arrange program printing and provide other practical and logistics support such as communication with participants. The organizer can discuss with the Executive Director, the extent of the support to be provided. Travel costs for funded participants can be covered by arranging booking through The Rees Group preferred travel agent or by reimbursements through The Rees Group following submitted receipts and expense claims that may include airport transfers and meal costs outside the workshop venue. Observers, whose travel and accommodation costs will not be covered by the PS workshop scheme, would be expected to make a contribution to some catering costs (e.g. lunches), but not to costs of venue rental or other costs associated with running the workshop. 

    Associated symposium at a Psychonomic Society meeting
    Each PS funded workshop will be allocated a symposium slot at a future meeting of the Society without an additional selection process. To allow some flexibility for timing of workshops, the associated symposium might take place either in the same year, or in the year following the dates of the workshop. The symposium could also be scheduled to take place during one of the PS meetings that is held outside of North America. To allow for program planning, the workshop organizer must indicate to the PS Program Committee at which meeting they would intend to include the symposium, and should do so in advance of the deadline for submitting symposia for that meeting. This is normally May 1 for the annual November meeting of the Society. The equivalent deadline for Psychonomic Society meetings to be held outside of North America will be different for each meeting.

    Associated special issue or special section of a PS journal
    It is expected that each funded workshop will lead to a special issue or a special section of one of the PS journals. Applicants should not contact journal editors directly but should indicate in their preliminary proposal which of the six PS journals would be most relevant for the workshop topic. The Workshops Committee will contact the editors of the relevant journals following selection of proposals to be invited for full submission. Following a final funding decision, the organizer of the funded workshop would then liaise directly with the relevant journal editor regarding arrangements for the special issue/section. Funded participants would be encouraged to submit manuscripts, but there would be an open call for submission of manuscripts on the workshop topic. All papers submitted will be subject to the normal peer review process and criteria for publication in the target PS journal, with the possibility of rejection whether or not the author was a funded participant. The nominated guest editor(s) must have editorial experience and their selection has to be approved by the editor of the target journal. The guest editor(s) may include the workshop organizer, but need not do so, and normally would be selected from among the funded workshop participants.

    Content of full proposals for PS workshop funding


    i) A concise statement (1,500-2,000 words) of the intellectual rationale for the workshop. The statement should demonstrate how the proposed workshop will meet the PS strategic goals including plans for raising awareness beyond the workshop participants and beyond the scientific community. There should also be a declaration of any conflicts of interest and of adherence to PS ethical standards.
    ii) A list of proposed key participants to be funded (minimum of 10 and maximum of 20), their affiliations, justification for their inclusion, and confirmation that they have agreed in principle to participate. There should also be an indication of the number of observers, which should not exceed the number of funded participants so as to ensure that the workshop atmosphere for the event is maintained.
    iii) Brief description of proposed venue, dates for the workshop, and a realistic timetable for obtaining confirmed commitment from participants, coordinating travel and accommodation, setting a scientific program, and for arranging a symposium at a meeting of the Psychonomic Society.
    iv) Indication of the most relevant PS journal for a possible special issue or special section on the workshop topic. Note: Do not contact any journal editors directly unless requested to do so by the Workshops Committee.
    v) A budget giving a breakdown of anticipated costs and of any additional sources of financial support secured/to be sought together with a note of the source.

    The organizer of the funded workshop must submit a summary scientific report and a final financial report following the workshop. Guidelines for preparing these reports will be provided.

    To Submit a Preliminary Proposal, email Psychonomic Society Executive Director, Louis Shomette by the May 31, 2015 deadline.