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Marc Brysbaert

Photo of Marc BrysbaertMarc Brysbaert is primarily interested in visual word recognition. His current research investigates the following themes.

First, word processing times and word features are being collected and optimized for thousands of words (in different languages) in order to understand the relative importance of various word characteristics in predicting word processing efficiency.

The second research line addresses the brain network involved in (visual) word recognition. This is investigated in particular by examining healthy participants with atypical, right hemisphere dominance. By comparing their performance to that of normally, left lateralized participants, the importance of interhemispheric collaboration for word processing can be established.

The third research line investigates the impact of multilingualism on language processing and text memory. Previous research has shown that the various multilingual languages form an integrated lexical system. The present research focuses on the ways in which language-specific information is stored and remembered by multilinguals.

Marc spends a significant part of his free time making psychology accessible to beginning students. In English he wrote a textbook on Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology together with Kathy Rastle, Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom, and an introductory book on statistics (based on a course he taught). Currently, he is revising an introductory textbook on cognitive psychology together with Michael Eysenck, Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom. It will be published in 2017.




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