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2014 Psychonomic Society Speaker-Select Award Recipients
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Magdalena Abel
Regensburg University
Area: Human Learning and Instruction
Title: Sleep Benefits Memories after Restudy, but not after Retrieval Practice: Evidence for the Distribution-based Bifurcation Model of the Testing Effect

Brian A. Anderson
Johns Hopkins University
Area: Attention
Title: Value-Driven Attentional Capture is Modulated by Spatial Context

Stephanie Borrie
Arizona State University
Area: Speech Perception
Title: Computational Modelling of Conversational Entrainment: A Novel Framework for examining Spoken Interaction in Communication Disorders

Zhicheng Lin
University of Washington
Area: Consciousness
Title: When Weaker is Stronger: Robust Attentional Orienting and Alerting Evoked by Subliminal, but Not Supraliminal, Cues

Lynn K. Perry
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Area: Meaning/Semantics
Abstract: How Language Dynamically Structure our Concepts: Evidence from Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Elizabeth R. Schotter
University of California, San Diego
Area: Letter/Word Procession
Title: Toward a New Theory of Reading:  Independent and Joint Effects of Context, Parafoveal Preview, and Foveal Information

Thomas Töllner
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Area: Neural Mechanisms of Cognition
Titlet: Distractor Templates: Predicting Stimulus Surround Biases Focal-attentional Selection of High, But Not Intermediate and Low, Salient Targets

Joseph Toscano
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Area: Speech Perception
Title: Speech Sound Encoding in the Brain Measured Using Fast Diffuse Optical Imaging

Jennifer Trueblood
University of California, Irvine
Area: Reasoning/Problem Solving
Title: A Quantum Probability Approach to Human Causal Reasoning

Evie Vergauwe
University of Missouri-Columbia
Area: Working Memory
Title: Tracing Thoughts Through the Probe-Span Task: Microanalytic Evidence That People Mentally Refresh Items in Working Memory

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