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2015 Psychonomic Society Member Speaker-Select Award Recipients
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Miri Besken
Bilkent University
Area: Metamemory/Metacognition
Abstract #139: Generating Lies Produces Crossed Double Dissociations Between Metamemory and Memory

Sudeep Bhatia
University of Warwick
Area: Judgment
Abstract #21: A Formal Model and Test of Associative Judgment Strategies

Karl Healey
University of Pennsylvania
Area: Recall
Abstract #30: A Four-Component Model of Age-Related Memory Change

Nina Hsu
University of Maryland
Area: Psycholinguistics
Abstract #59: Real-Time Cognitive Control Engagement Modulates Recovery From Misinterpretation During Language Processing

Daniel Kleinman
University of California, San Diego
Area: Language Production/Writing
Abstract #211: Divided Attention Makes Non-Dominant Responses More Common

Beatrice G. Kuhlmann
University of Mannheim
Area: Metamemory/Metacognition
Abstract #28: If It’s Loud I’ll Remember All About It! Metacognitive Illusions About Volume in Source Monitoring

Jeff Moher
Brown University
Area: Attention: Capture
Abstract #55: Measuring Distractor Interference in Goal-Directed Action on a Trial-by-Trial Basis Reveals Selective Residual Inhibition

Eric Taylor
University of Toronto
Area: Attention: Features and Objects
Abstract #3: Object-Based Selection Is Contingent on Attentional Control Settings

Katarzyna Zawadzka
Cardiff University
Area: Recognition
Abstract #249: Late Consequences of Early Selection: When Successful Monitoring Backfiresk: Microanalytic Evidence That People Mentally Refresh Items in Working Memory

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