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2020 Poster Presenter Guide
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Poster Presenter Guide

The 2020 Annual Meeting will be held in U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Last Updated September 25, 2020

Spoken Presentation Guide
Statistical Guidelines

Recording Instructions (PDF Tutorial)
Recording Instructions (Video Tutorial)
NEW! How to Loop a PowerPoint Presentation (PDF Tutorial)

PowerPoint Template (Download)
Virtual Background Graphic (Download)

2020 Submission Deadlines
2020 Poster Presentation Options
General Information & Recording Requirements
Recommendations on Preparing a Poster (PDF version)
Uploading Your Presentation
Day of Presentation

At this year's annual meeting, posters will be presented in three (3) separate, two-hour Poster Sessions. Poster Sessions are grouped by topic, which helps to draw a larger and more focused audience whose interests are aligned with your area of research.

Poster sessions are a forum for information exchange that allows a presenter to engage others in direct, virtual, one-on-one discussion about their research. Unlike a spoken presentation where research is presented to an audience of multiple people, a poster presentation can be more conversational and should be self-explanatory to allow multiple viewers to quickly learn about your research on their own.

Poster acceptance emails were sent September 8, 2020. If you did not receive a notification, please contact Bri Johnson at

The meeting will be held in U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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2020 Submission Deadlines
For the 2020 Annual Meeting, all poster presentations must be prerecorded and submitted according to the following timeline.

Option #1: Final prerecorded presentation submitted by October 16, 2020. If submitted by this deadline, the Psychonomic Society will caption your presentation for you. 
Option #2: Final prerecorded presentation submitted by October 28, 2020. If submitted by this deadline, the presenter should caption their own presentation. Any poster presentation not submitted by this deadline may be withdrawn from the agenda of the 2020 Annual Meeting. Any poster presentation not captioned by this date will not be captioned for the meeting.

You will not be able to present your poster if you miss the October 28 submission deadline.

All poster presentations will be made available on November 5, 2020 for early on-demand access.

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2020 Poster Presentation Options
Due to the virtual nature of this year's meeting, new poster format options have been added to the traditional PDF format. Poster presenters also have the option to record up to five minutes of audio or audio/video describing their poster. Presentation options include:

  • A PDF
  • A rotating PowerPoint deck, with audio or audio/visual (5 slide/5 minute maximum) DOWNLOAD RECORDING INSTRUCTIONS
    • You may add up to five minutes of audio or audio/visual to your presentation. The (maximum length) five minute video must include a PowerPoint as accompaniment, and is limited to no more than five slides. Each slide must have your final abstract ID (included in your acceptance email) and your last name. It is recommended that you leave the bottom 20% of each slide free of text and graphics, to help ensure that captions for your accompanying audio do not hide any of your text or graphics.
  • A silent looping PowerPoint deck (5 slide/5 minute maximum) DOWNLOAD RECORDING INSTRUCTIONS

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 General Information and Recording Requirements 

  • No live presentations will be given.
  • All poster presentations must be prerecorded.
  • You will not be able to present if you miss the October 28 deadline for prerecorded poster presentations.
  • Please be available online for a live Q&A during the poster session. (Required.) Presenters will be required to provide their own virtual meeting link for the live Q&A that will be hosted during their Poster Session. Acceptable software includes: Zoom, WebexBlueJeans, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Presentations with audio and/or audio/visual may be up to five minutes long (strictly enforced). 


How to Record Your Presentation

  • How to record your presentation (Download the Guide or Watch the Video Tutorial)
  • Download this PowerPoint template for recording either the PowerPoint deck with audio/audio & video or the Silent Looping PowerPoint. This PPT template has been preformatted to the correct size specifications and will optimize the viewing experience for meeting attendees.
  • It is recommended that you leave the bottom 20% of each slide free of text and graphics, to help ensure that captions do not hide any of your text or graphics.
  • Download and use this virtual background image when recording your video.

Length of Recording

  • PDF (not applicable)
  • Rotating PowerPoint Deck with Audio or Audio & Video (5 minute / 5 slide maximum)
  • Silent Looping PowerPoint Deck (5 minute / 5 slide maximum)

Please note: we will only be accepting videos that are at or below the maximum allotted recording length. Prerecorded poster presentations must be 5 minutes in length or SHORTER; any poster presentation exceeding a 5-minute run time will be automatically rejected. Since the Psychonomics conference runs on a tight schedule, any presentations that exceed their allotted time frame would be cut off during the online conference, and we want to ensure that your research is presented as completely and thoroughly as it would be at an in-person meeting. Thank you for ensuring that your presentation length is 5 minutes or less.


All screen formats must be in a 16:9 ratio . This will optimize the viewing experience for meeting participants. For any presentation format other than the PDF, use this PowerPoint template. It is preformatted to the correct size specifications. It is recommended that you leave the bottom 20% of each slide free of text and graphics, to help ensure that captions do not hide any of your text or graphics.

Accessibility & Captioning Instructions

The Psychonomic Society is committed to diversity and inclusion and to make the annual meeting as inclusive as possible. With this goal in mind, all recorded presentations should be captioned. Poster presenters who submit their recordings by the October 16 deadline may have their presentations machine captioned by the Psychonomic Society (limited number of posters available - first come, first served basis). You will not be able to edit the captioning text if you choose this option. A later submission deadline of October 28 is available for presenters who choose to caption their own presentations. The platform we recommend using to caption your own presentation is Kapwing. Kapwing is an audio to text algorithm with editing capabilities.

Please make your presentation accessible to those using screen readers:

  • Provide informative, unique page titles.
  • Use headings to convey meaning and structure.
  • Make link text meaningful.
  • Write ALT text for images which are meaningful.
  • Create transcripts and captions for multimedia.
  • Keep content clear and concise.
  • Presenters should choose color systems to maximize contrast and access for those with low vision, rather than emphasize aesthetics...although it is possible to have both.

Availability Online

  • Poster presentations will be available online for viewing beginning November 5, two weeks prior to the virtual meeting.
  • Posters will be grouped thematically and presented in poster sessions lasting two hours, including a live Q&A.
  • Posters will be accessible online for six months after the meeting.

Saving Format

  • 16:9 ratio (use this preformatted PPT template)
  • Video Format: Mp4 or MOV
  • Resolution: 720p (1280 x 720 px)
  • Nomenclature: "Poster Number" - "Presenter Last Name"

Upload Instructions

Upload your information, Q&A digital meeting link, and completed presentation to:

Tips & Tricks for Recording at Home

When recording your video, please:

  • Ensure you are in a quiet location with limited background noise, so we can hear you clearly.
  • Determine if you are using headphones or not for clear recording quality.
  • Ensure you have strong internet bandwidth.
  • Position yourself facing a window if possible. Do not have a window behind you. If there are bright lights on behind you, please turn them off.
  • Look into the camera lens when speaking whenever possible.
  • If possible, or helpful, ask someone to do a test call from the location you will be recording in.

Technical Support

  • Zoom external webcam and mic support:

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Recommendations on Preparing a Poster (PDF version)

Prepare a banner for the top of your poster indicating the title, authors, and affiliations. Lettering in the label should be at least 1 in (2.54 cm) high.

Presenter and Co-author Names

The poster should include the names and affiliations of all the contributing authors included with the abstract in the program. The name and affiliation of the presenting author should be clearly indicated.

Figures should be designed to be viewed from a variety of screens, using clear, visible graphics. Although each figure should illustrate no more than one or two major points, figures need not be simple. The main points should be clear without extended viewing, but detail can be included for the knowledgeable viewer.

Each figure or table should have a heading of one or two lines in large type stating the “take-home” message. Detailed information should be in smaller type in a legend below the graphic. Because there is no text accompanying a poster, the figure legend should contain commentary that would normally appear in the text of a manuscript (results and discussion). It should describe concisely not only the content of the figure but also the conclusions derived from it. Details of methodology should be kept brief and should be placed at the end of the legend.

Please follow the Psychonomic Society Statistical Guidelines. Effect sizes should be reported and error bars with appropriate labels should be included on all graphs.

Arrange materials in columns rather than in rows. It is easier to scan a poster by moving systematically along it rather than by zigzagging back and forth in front of it. An introduction should be placed at the upper left and a conclusion at the lower right, both in large type. The sequence of illustrations should be indicated with numbers or letters at least 1-inch high, preferably in bold print.

You may find it convenient to have a separate section describing methods, but it is quite effective to include this information as part of the data presentation, as described above. Carefully chosen photographs of apparatus, or schematic diagrams of procedures, can convey a great deal of information about methods without much text. Most viewers will tend to skim or ignore long textual passages.

If you are recording audio or audio/video to accompany your poster, it is recommended that you leave approximately the bottom 20% of each slide free of text/graphics to allow for the captions at the bottom of the screen. Text and/or graphics that run closer to the bottom of a slide risk being covered by captions. To see an example of how captioning appears on a recorded presentation, watch a snippet of the Video Tutorial on how to record and caption your presentation.

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  Uploading Your Presentation
Submit all your materials, including your information, Q&A digital meeting link, and completed presentation, to: 

All prerecorded presentations must be submitted by the appropriate deadline.

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  Day of Presentation

  • All presentation times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • You will receive a calendar appointment for your scheduled time.
  • Ensure you have a copy of the PowerPoint presentation you used for your prerecord pulled up and available on your computer. This will make it easy for you to share your screen or refer to specific slides during the live Q&A session.

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