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Original article

Mind-wandering rates fluctuate across the day: evidence from an experience-sampling study

Gabriel King Smith, Caitlin Mills, Alexandra Paxton & Kalina Christoff

Original article

Dynamic prediction during perception of everyday events

Michelle L. Eisenberg, Jeffrey M. Zacks & Shaney Flores

Original article

Forms of explanation and why they may matter

Jonathan Baron

Original article

Towards efficient human–machine collaboration: effects of gaze-driven feedback and engagement on performance

Nikolina Mitev, Patrick Renner, Thies Pfeiffer & Maria Staudte

Original article

Are failures to look, to represent, or to learn associated with change blindness during screen-capture video learning?

Daniel T. Levin, Adriane E. Seiffert, Sun-Joo Cho & Kelly E. Carter

Brief report

Audiovisual quality impacts assessments of job candidates in video interviews: Evidence for an AV quality bias

Joshua L. Fiechter, Caitlan Fealing, Rachel Gerrard & Nate Kornell

Original article

Schema-related cognitive load influences performance, speech, and physiology in a dual-task setting: A continuous multi-measure approach

Maria Wirzberger, Robert Herms, Shirin Esmaeili Bijarsari, Maximilian Eibl & Günter Daniel Rey

Original article

Does narrative drive dynamic attention to a prolonged stimulus?

Stephen J. Hinde, Tim J. Smith & Iain D. Gilchrist

Original article

People’s explanatory preferences for scientific phenomena

Deena Skolnick Weisberg, Emily J. Hopkins & Jordan C. V. Taylor

Original article

In the lab and in the wild: How distraction and mind wandering affect attention and memory

Trish L. Varao-Sousa, Daniel Smilek & Alan Kingstone

Original article

The easy-to-hard training advantage with real-world medical images

Brett D. Roads, Buyun Xu, June K. Robinson & James W. Tanaka

Original article

Search templates that incorporate within-face variation improve visual search for faces

James D. Dunn, Richard I. Kemp & David White

Review article

When to look at maps in navigation: metacognitive control in environment learning

Ruizhi Dai, Ayanna K. Thomas & Holly A. Taylor

Original article

How the stimulus influences mind wandering in semantically rich task contexts

Myrthe Faber & Sidney K. D’Mello


Correction to: Decision making with visualizations: a cognitive framework across disciplines

Lace M. Padilla, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, Mary Hegarty & Jeanine K. Stefanucci

Original article

It is not good to talk: conversation has a fixed interference cost on attention regardless of difficulty

Melina A. Kunar, Louise Cole, Angeline Cox & Jessica Ocampo

Original article

Postdictive confidence (but not predictive confidence) predicts eyewitness memory accuracy

Thao B. Nguyen, Erica Abed & Kathy Pezdek

Original article

Inversion effects in the expert classification of mammograms and faces

Michael D. Chin, Karla K. Evans, Jeremy M. Wolfe, Jonathan Bowen & James W. Tanaka

Review article

Decision making with visualizations: a cognitive framework across disciplines

Lace M. Padilla, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, Mary Hegarty & Jeanine K. Stefanucci

Original article

The impact of speed and bias on the cognitive processes of experts and novices in medical image decision-making

Jennifer S. Trueblood, William R. Holmes, Adam C. Seegmiller, Jonathan Douds, Margaret Compton, Eszter Szentirmai, Megan Woodruff, Wenrui Huang, Charles Stratton & Quentin Eichbaum

Original article

Detecting morphed passport photos: a training and individual differences approach

David J. Robertson, Andrew Mungall, Derrick G. Watson, Kimberley A. Wade, Sophie J. Nightingale & Stephen Butler

Original article

Improving face identification with specialist teams

Tarryn Balsdon, Stephanie Summersby, Richard I. Kemp & David White

Original article

Individual differences in hyper-realistic mask detection

Jet G. Sanders & Rob Jenkins

Original article

Applied screening tests for the detection of superior face recognition

Sarah Bate, Charlie Frowd, Rachel Bennetts, Nabil Hasshim, Ebony Murray, Anna K. Bobak, Harriet Wills & Sarah Richards

Original article

Individual differences in face identity processing

Jennifer M. McCaffery, David J. Robertson, Andrew W. Young & A. Mike Burton


Individual differences in face perception and person recognition

Vicki Bruce, Markus Bindemann & Karen Lander

Original article

Mammography to tomosynthesis: examining the differences between two-dimensional and segmented-three-dimensional visual search

Stephen H. Adamo, Justin M. Ericson, Joseph C. Nah, Rachel Brem & Stephen R. Mitroff

Original article

The impact of video speed on the decision-making process of sports officials

Jochim Spitz, Pieter Moors, Johan Wagemans & Werner F. Helsen

Registered Reports and Replication

Disgust and the rubber hand illusion: a registered replication report of Jalal, Krishnakumar, and Ramachandran (2015)

Hiroshi Nitta, Haruto Tomita, Yi Zhang, Xinxin Zhou & Yuki Yamada

Original article

Web pages: What can you see in a single fixation?

Ali Jahanian, Shaiyan Keshvari & Ruth Rosenholtz

Original article

Spatial decision dynamics during wayfinding: intersections prompt the decision-making process

Tad T. Brunyé, Aaron L. Gardony, Amanda Holmes & Holly A.T aylor

Original article

New approaches to the analysis of eye movement behaviour across expertise while viewing brain MRIs

Emily M. Crowe, Iain D. Gilchrist & Christopher Kent

Original article

Musical training, bilingualism, and executive function: working memory and inhibitory control

Annalise A. D’Souza, Linda Moradzadeh & Melody Wiseheart

Original article

Finding cancer in mammograms: if you know it’s there, do you know where?

Ann J. Carrigan, Susan G. Wardle & Anina N. Rich

Original article

Temporal fractals in movies and mind

James E. Cutting, Jordan E. DeLong & Kaitlin L. Brunick

Original article

Color inference in visual communication: the meaning of colors in recycling

Karen B .Schloss, Laurent Lessard, Charlotte S. Walmsley & Kathleen Foley

Original article

Redundant-target processing is robust against changes to task load

Stephanie A. Morey, Nicole A. Thomas & Jason S. McCarley

Original article

Visual adaptation and the amplitude spectra of radiological images

Elysse Kompaniez-Dunigan, Craig K. Abbey, John M. Boone & Michael A. Webster

Tutorial Review

Teaching the science of learning

Yana Weinstein, Christopher R. Madan & Megan A. Sumeracki

Original article

Exploring the practicing-connections hypothesis: using gesture to support coordination of ideas in understanding a complex statistical concept

Ji Y. Son, Priscilla Ramos, Melissa DeWolf, William Loftus & James W. Stigler

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