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2015 Annual Meeting
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November 19-22, 2015
Chicago, Illinois, USA

2015 Abstract Book

Keynote Address
On Knowing That You Know - and its Functions
Asher Koriat, University of Haifa, Israel


Individual Differences in Executive
Function and Related Processes

Organized by Marie Banich and Randall W. Engle

Leading Edge Workshop
The Process of Explanation

Organized by Andrei Cimpian

From Thought to Action: Cognitive &
Neural Mechanisms in Writing

Organized by Brenda Rapp
and Michael McCloskey

Enhancing Education Through
Cognitive Psychology

Organized by Alice F. Healy
and Michael C. Moser

2015 Annual Meeting Photos

Asher Koriat

Abstract Book PDF   |   Addendum PDF Spoken Presentations
The following talks were recorded by SAGE Publishing. They are available here for Psychonomic Society members (login required).

2015 Program Committee

Patricia Reuter-Lorenz (Chair)
University of Michigan,USA

Teresa Bajo
University of Granada, Spain

Michael Dodd
University of Nebraska, USA

Janet Metcalfe
Columbia University, USA

Russell Poldrack
University of Texas at Austin, USA

Andrew Conway
Claremont Graduate University, USA
ex officio

Ruth Maki
University of Arizona, USA
ex officio

Loss and Reconstruction of Verbal and Visuospatial Information in Working Memory
Pierre Barrouillet

Visual Hindsight Bias Occurs for Only Some Emotional Faces
Daniel M. Bernstein

Memory Illusions: Categorical Judgements Produce Them, Confidence Ratings Reduce Them
Charles J. Brainerd

The Right Sequence for the Right Learning: Blocked and Interleaved Study Differences in the Study of Mathematical Concepts
Paulo Carvalho

Task Switching and Executive Control in Pigeons
Leyre Castro

Scale, Clutter, and Facial Expressions: Inferences from Movie Structure to Emotion Judgements and Back
James Cutting

The Role of the Frontal Pole in Relational Learning
Tyler Davis

Incomplete Semantic Processing of Skipped Words
Michael A. Eskenazi

Do Semantic Contributions to Early Morphological Processing Vary With Target Semantic Density and Reading Skill?
Laurie Beth Feldman

Prediction in the Processing of Repair Disfluencies
Fernanda Ferreira

Mixed-Up Samples: A Model of Visual Working Memory With Neither Capacity Nor Resource Limits
Jonathan Flombaum

When Intentions Don't Map Onto Extensions: Individual Differences in Conceptualisation
James A. Hampton

A Four-Component Model of Age-Related Memory Change
M. Karl Healey

Reaction Time Effects in Lab- Versus Web-Based Research: Experimental Evidence
Benjamin Hilbig

Analyzing Thresholds with Hierarchical Bayesian Logistic Regression
Joseph Houpt

Gender Differences in Emotional Empathy
Constance Luisa Imbault

How Your Mood Influences Your Eye Fixations over Classical Portrait Paintings
Éric Yann Laurent

Modeling Hypocrisy and Dishonesty in Service Academy Honor Systems: Implications for a Corporate Model
Frederick Malmstrom

How We Make Forced-Choice Decisions
D.J.K. Mewhort

Eyewitness Identification: Which Results Matter for Which Decision-Makers?
Laura Mickes

The Testing Effect and Experimental Design
Neil W. Mulligan

Teaching Real-World Categories at Low and High Levels of a Hierarchy
Robert Nosofsky

Likelihood Ratio Sequential Samplling Models of Recognition Memory
Adam Osth

Building Knowledge Requires Bricks, Not Sand: The Critical Role of Familiar Constituents in Working Memory & Learning
Lynne Reder

Optimizing Gist Explanations for Learning and Transfer about Breast Cancer and Genetic Risk
Valerie Reyna

Short-Term Consolidation: A Process Separable from Encoding and Refreshing
Timothy J. Ricker

Heather Sheridan

The Tale of Amodal Cognitive Control Processes
Denise Nadine Stephan

In and Out of the Focus of Attention: The Effects of a Secondary Task on Information Held in Working Memory
Evie Vergauwe

Psychology: The Science of Undergraduate Women (?)
Daniel Voyer

Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity Predict Action Monitoring and Context Updating Under Speed- Versus Accuracy-Stress Conditions
Jason M. Watson

The Relationship Between Confidence and Accuracy for Eyewitness Identifications Made From Simultaneous and Sequential Police Lineups
John T. Wixted

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