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Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (FABBS)
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The Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (FABBS) is a coalition of scientific societies that share an interest in developing knowledge for the betterment of society by advancing the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior. FABBS represents the interests of its scientific societies by:

·       Educating federal representatives and U.S. Congress about the importance of research in the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior

·       Advocating for legislation and policy that enhance training and research

·       Providing sources of expertise and knowledge to federal agencies, Congress, and the media

·       Encouraging the sound use of science in the creation of public policy

·       Fostering effective interaction between agencies and organizations that fund research and the community of scientists and scientific societies

·       Facilitating information exchange among constituent societies as well as other scientific organizations

Early Career Impact Award

The Early Career Impact Award recognizes scientists who are in the early stages of their professional careers and have already shown promise as a leading researcher. In selecting possible honorees, FABBS draws upon the expertise of its member scientific societies to identify early career candidates who have made significant contributions to their areas of science. In addition, FABBS translates the early career scientists’ research for a broad public audience by preparing general interest articles for policy makers and the public.

Early Career Impact Award winners (Psychonomic Society)
Richard Morey, Cardiff University, 2017
David A. Gallo, University of Chicago, 2012

News from FABBS
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If you have questions about U.S. science policy or funding, please send an email to


FABBS will also represent PS's interests in 12 broad coalitions, ensuring that behavioral scientists are always at the table with leadership positions in three of the coalitions.

Coalitions include:

  • Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research – AD Hoc represents 300 patient, medical and scientific organizations that support funding for the NIH.
  • American Brain Coalition – ABC is comprised of professional neurological, psychological, psychiatric associations, and patient organizations. ABC seeks to advance the understanding of the functions of the brain, and to reduce the burden of brain disorders through public education and advocacy. FABBS is on the Advocacy Committee.
  • Coalition for Health Funding – CHF advocates on behalf of funding for all public health agencies, including NIH and CDC. The coalition’s staff organize briefings, sign-on letters, visits to Capitol Hill and send updates regarding budget and appropriations issues.
  • Coalition for National Science Funding – CNSF advocates on behalf of the National Science Foundation. FABBS is a co-chair.
  • Coalition for National Security Research – CNSR is a broad-based coalition including industry, research universities and institutes, and scientific and professional associations committed to a strong Defense Science and Technology (S&T) Program.
  • Friends of the Institute of Education Sciences – FIES represents more than 40 scientific associations, education organizations, universities, and research institutions that support the support the critical research, data, statistics, and evaluation programs at IES.
  • Friends of National Institute on Aging – FoNIA supports the NIA mission and organizes relevant advocacy activities to educate policymakers about aging research and the Institute’s funding needs. Over 50 organizations belong to the coalition.
  • Friends of National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism – a non-profit advocacy group of organizations supporting the mission and research being conducted by NIAAA.
  • Friends of National Institute of Child Health and Human Development – This is a coalition of over 100 organizations interested in NICHD. Member organizations represent scientists, physicians, health care providers, patients, and parents. FABBS serves on the executive committee.
  • Friends of the National Institute on Drug Abuse – This coalition of individuals, scientific and professional societies, patient groups and other organizations is committed to the elimination of drug abuse and addiction through education, advocacy, and the promotion of broad public and private support for the research agenda of NIDA.
  • Friends of NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research – This coalition works to support the NIH OBSSR and other social and behavioral science research activities conducted across the NIH.

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