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 (As last amended November 2015)


  1. The name of the Society is The Psychonomic Society, Inc.
  2. The object of the Society is to promote the communication of scientific research in psychology and allied sciences.


  1. Members shall be in the field of Psychology or an allied science. To become a Member, the individual must have a PhD or equivalent.
  2. Student Members shall be studying for a graduate degree in Psychology or an allied science. Student Members are not eligible to vote.
  3. The Governing Board may elect individuals to the status of Fellow of the Psychonomic Society. Fellows are members of the Society. Fellows shall be persons qualified to conduct and supervise scientific research in psychology or allied sciences. Fellows must have published significant research subsequent to their doctoral dissertation. Any Fellow may recommend an individual to the Board for consideration for election to Fellow status. Self-nominations are permitted.
  4. Members in good standing who have retired may request Emeritus status. Emeriti pay no dues and must pay the registration fee, if any, to attend the annual meeting.


  1. The Governing Board shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Society subject to the provisions of Articles IX and X.
  2. The Governing Board shall consist of twelve members elected for staggered terms of six years each, and, ex-officio, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Society, if the Secretary and the Treasurer are not already a members. Elected members of the Governing Board may not succeed themselves.
  3. The Governing Board shall elect its own Chairperson by written, secret ballot. The term of the Chair shall be one year, and the Chair may serve only one term. If a person is the Chairperson in the sixth year of his or her term on the Governing Board, that individual will remain on the Governing Board for one additional year to serve as the immediate Past Chair.
  4. The Governing Board shall from time to time appoint such committees as it deems necessary to conduct the affairs of the association.
  5. The Chairperson of the Governing Board shall preside at meetings of the Board and the Annual Business Meeting.
  6. The Governing Board will hold an annual physical meeting to conduct the business and affairs of the Society, and will hold other meetings at a place and time determined by the Executive Committee. Notice of each meeting of the Governing Board shall be given to each Governing Board Member at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.
  7. Two thirds of the members of the Governing Board present at a Board meeting constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. In the absence of the Chair, the Immediate Past Chair acts as chair of the Board; in the absence of both the Chair and Immediate Past Chair, the Chair-elect acts as chair. A two-thirds majority vote of the Members present and voting at a meeting is required to adopt any action or policy of the Board, except as otherwise provided by these Bylaws. A Member who votes to abstain is considered to be present at the meeting but, for the purpose of tallying votes, a vote to abstain is not counted as a vote cast.
  8. Any Member of the Governing Board may participate in either a full Board meeting or an executive session by means of a conference telephone or similar communications equipment allowing all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other simultaneously during the conversation. Participation by such means constitutes presence in person at a meeting.


  1. An Executive Committee, consisting of the current Governing Board Chair, immediate past Chair, and the Chair-Elect will act as a decision-making and coordinating committee. They will meet regularly, call meetings of the Governing Board as required, and provide oversight, monitoring, and evaluation of the operations of the Society.
  2. The officers of the Society shall be the members of the Executive Committee and the Secretary and the Treasurer.
  3. The Secretary shall be elected by the Governing Board. The Secretary shall be elected for a three-year term, and may be re-elected once, but may not serve more than six consecutive years.
  4. The Secretary shall ensure that a list of the membership of the Society is kept, that the program for the Annual Meeting is organized, and that minutes of Governing Board meetings are taken. The Secretary will organize voting by Governing Board Members on motions put to the Board.
  5. The Treasurer shall be elected by the Governing Board. The Treasurer shall be elected for a three-year term, and may be re-elected once, but may not serve more than six consecutive years.
  6. The Treasurer shall ensure that dues are collected, and that funds are dispersed appropriately with approval of the Governing Board.


  1. The Governing Board will appoint a Nominating Committee, a majority of whose members are not Governing Board members.
  2. Once each year, the Secretary shall canvass the membership for nominations of members to serve on the Governing Board. Each Member may nominate up to four persons.
  3. The names of the three persons who receive the greatest number of nominations, and who signify their willingness to serve, shall be placed on an election ballot. The Nominating Committee will select an additional three candidates (who may also be persons nominated by the membership) to be placed on the ballot.
  4. Voting will be via the internet and the membership will be notified of the opportunity to vote. Each Member may vote for two persons named on the ballot. The two nominees receiving the most votes shall be elected to the Governing Board. In the case of a tie for nomination or election to the Governing Board, the Chair of the Governing Board shall break the tie after consultation with the Governing Board.
  5. In the case of resignation, recall, or death of a member of the Governing Board, the vacancy shall be filled during the next election. Each Member may vote for three rather than the usual two nominees. The two candidates receiving the most votes will serve full terms as usual. The third-ranking candidate shall complete the unfilled term of office, but may stand for election to a full term.


  1. The Society shall hold an Annual Scientific Meeting at a time and place selected by the Governing Board.
  2. Fellows will receive first priority for presenting spoken papers at the Annual Meeting. If the number of spoken paper requests exceeds the number that can be accommodated on the program, preference will be given to papers submitted and read by Fellows who did not present a paper in the preceding year. The Governing Board also may establish mechanisms by which non-Fellow Members, Student Members, and nonmember visitors can present a spoken paper or poster.
  3. An Annual Business Meeting shall be held in conjunction with the Scientific Meeting. The Annual Business Meeting is open to all attendees, but only Members of the Society may vote at the Annual Business Meeting.
  4. All motions at the Annual Business Meeting require only a simple majority for passage.


  1. The Society shall publish such programs, abstracts of scientific papers, and membership lists, as the Governing Board shall authorize. With approval of the membership, the Governing Board may undertake the editing or publishing, or both, or scientific journals.
  2. The Governing Board shall appoint the editors of Society journals. To avoid conflicts of interest concerning the administration of Society publications, no one shall serve simultaneously as an editor of a Society journal and as a member of the Governing Board


  1. The annual dues* of membership shall be determined by the Governing Board.
  2. Status as a Fellow, Member or Student Member in the Society requires payment of dues.


  1. Upon petition of 10% of the membership, an election by ballot will be held on proposals with respect to the recall of members of the Governing Board, the Secretary, or the Treasurer. Such recall will be effective upon a majority vote of all members of the Society, but the recalled member shall continue to serve until replaced in accordance with the election procedure prescribed in Article V.


  1. Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by majority action of the Governing Board at a regular, special, or informal meeting called by the Chairperson, or by the affirmative vote of the majority voting at an Annual Business Meeting on a resolution for amendment of the Bylaws introduced from the floor. In the latter case, the proposed amendment of the Bylaws must then be considered by the Governing Board at its next regular, special, or informal meeting.
  2. Every proposed amendment shall be submitted to the membership with recommendations of the majority of the Governing Board, together with a statement of the basis of the recommendations, and in the case of a tie with the arguments pro and con. These Bylaws may then be amended only by vote of the members in either of the following ways, to be determined by the Governing Board: (a) at the Annual Business Meeting of members, by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members voting on the proposed amendment or (b) by vote of members, conducted in such fashion as the Governing Board may determine. Two-thirds affirmative vote of those voting shall be required for adoption of the proposed amendment.


The corporate seal of the corporation shall consist of the words "The Psychonomic Society, Inc. Corporate Seal" and may be affixed to any document by writing, typewriting, impression, or other means.

[*Dues herein means all sums payable by a member to the Society, including the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences fee, if applicable.]



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