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2015 Annual Meeting
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Keynote Address | Psychonomic Society 56th Annual Meeting (2016) | Boston, Massachusetts, USA


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Perception and Action in the Wild

Roberta L. KlatzkyRoberta L. Klatzky, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

To paraphrase an old line, “What’s a nice cognitive scientist like you doing in a ___ like this?”  In my case, the blank can be filled with robot factory, biopsy suite, or summer camp for the blind. If I had been asked that question as I found myself  in any of those places (at the camp for the blind, in pitch-black surroundings), my answer would have been, pursuing cognitive science!  Although my career began rather conventionally, as I armed myself with some reaction-time apparatus and a book about ANOVA statistics, I increasingly gravitated to relatively ungroomed surroundings where my research could be applied.  I now look for the sweet spot that bridges interesting basic issues to human performance in settings where time and space are critical, and even small improvements matter.  I will talk not only about examples of this approach, but also about general principles that guide my choice of problems and methods by which I attempt to enhance perceptually guided action.


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