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2018 Graduate Travel Award Recipients
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Congratulations to our
2018 Psychonomic Society Graduate Travel Award Recipients


Melisa Akan Johnathan E. Avery Christina Bejjani Chloe Callahan-Flintoft Shauna P. A. de Long

Melisa Akan
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
The effect of prior familiarity and conceptual knowledge on face recognition accuracy

Johnathan E. Avery
Indiana University, USA
Representation and Retrieval in Semantic Memory

Christina Bejjani
Duke University, USA
Causal Transfer of Specific Attentional Control States

Chloe Callahan-Flintoft
Pennsylvania State
University, USA

Exploring the influence of feature autocorrelation on attentional sampling

Shauna P. A. de Long
Kent State University, USA
Does Learning the Meaning of a Word Make Spelling Easier? Evidence from Incidental Word Learning during Reading

Blake L. Elliott Nathaniel R. Greene Anna Foerster Chun-Yuan Huang Haena Kim

Blake L. Elliott
Arizona State University, USA
Neural Correlates Underlying The Effect of Value on Recognition Memory Encoding

Nathaniel R. Greene
University of Missouri, USA
Age-Related Changes Across Time in Verbatim and Gist Memory for Face-Scene Pairs

Anna Foerster
University of Würzburg, Germany
Better safe than sorry: Response monitoring in dishonesty

Chun-Yuan Huang
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
System Factorial Technology Provides New Insights on Hybrid Search

Haena Kim
Texas A&M University, USA
Neural mechanisms of reduced inhibitory control following associative reward learning

Pascal J. Kieslich Krista D. Manley Matthew P. McCurdy Casey L. Roark  Tomer Sahar

Pascal J. Kieslich
University of Mannheim, Germany
Design Factors in Mouse-Tracking: What makes a Difference?

Krista D. Manley
Iowa State University, USA
When Less is More: Showing Masked Faces in a Lineup Enhances Identification of a Masked Face

 Matthew P. McCurdy
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Theories of the Generation Effect and the Impact of Generation Constraint: A Meta-Analytic Review

Casey L. Roark
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Factors Influencing Incidental Category Learning

Tomer Sahar
Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Modeling Posner’s validity effect reveals less guessing, but not enhanced precision.
Julia S. Soares Chunyue Teng Ngoc-Han Tran Christine E. Weber Laura Werner

Julia S. Soares
University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Volitional Photography Inflates Metamemory Confidence but still Causes an Impairment in Memory

  Chunyue Teng
The George Washington
University, USA

Uncovering the Shared Representation Between Visual Working Memory (VWM) and Perception: Neural Tuning Curves
 Ngoc-Han Tran
University of Amsterdam
Empirical Priors for Evidence Accumulation Models

Christine E. Weber
University of South Carolina, USA
The Role of Liking in Evaluative Conditioning of Affective States

Laura Werner
University of Nevada,
Las Vegas, USA

Forgetting Distractors: Evidence of Inhibition and Decay in Working Memory depends on Test Type



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