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Deliberative diversity in the review process
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Members of the Psychonomic Society (PS) Governing Board and Diversity & Inclusion Committee are committed to scientific merit, which entails the inclusion of scientists of all genders, races, sexual orientations, countries of origin, geographical locations, and disciplinary expertise. We ask that submitters critically examine their deliberations to eliminate biases that detract from our commitment to merit.

To that end, effective January 1, 2019, PS has required a diversity statement to be included in all submissions for symposia, awards, elections, keynotes, etc. Submitters are asked to provide information about how a proposed candidate or submission supports and advances the diversity and inclusion objectives of the Psychonomic Society.

Committee Review Process - considering diversity, equity, and inclusion during committee review of applicants/submissions for PS programs and initiatives.
In addition to the applications, cover letters, abstracts, etc., the diversity statements help reviewers to appreciate information about candidates that might not otherwise be known. These may include:

a.       highlighting aspects of identities (e.g., gender, sexual identity, first generation, socio-economic, geographical location, etc.);

b.       providing information on mentoring/advising/training for junior faculty, visiting scholars, guest lecturers, staff, and students from underrepresented groups;

c.       being identified by peers, faculty, staff, or the field as a diversity, equity, and inclusion champion;

d.       showing they are advocates for diverse populations and creating an environment of equity, social justice, and inclusion at their university, business, or the larger field of cognitive psychology;

e.       promoting and fostering rich communities by valuing the contribution that a diverse membership can bring to that community or by raising awareness about the lack of representation of certain groups in that community; and/or

f.        coordinates and/or implements initiatives that create a supportive/inclusive environment.

In summary
Even with these processes in place, we appreciate that becoming a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive science and society will take time and require a sustained, concerted effort by all involved. Please direct any questions or comments to the Governing Board or Diversity & Inclusion Committee through Lou Shomette, our Executive Director at

2017 Diversity & Inclusion Committee

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